Ready to Reconnect with Your Body?

If you are 6 to 24 weeks post-pregnancy, have the go-ahead from your doctor and you are READY to reconnect with your body then you are in the right place!

Our 6 week Post Pregnancy EMS program (RE-CORE) is designed to safely, efficiently and effectively rebuild core strength, improve general strength, improve lingering aches and pains from pregnancy and give you a BOOST in energy and confidence!

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Hi Mums,

I'm Sigrid, founder of Exolt EMS. I discovered EMS technology 6 years ago after a neck injury had me considering spinal surgery at only 28 years old! Unable to exercise, my muscle mass dwindled, and daily life became a struggle. Abandoning my career of 15 years as a gymnastics coach and feeling like an 80-year-old trapped in a young body, I needed a solution. That's when EMS technology entered my life.

After my first session, I was hooked! The next day I woke up with muscle soreness in all the right places and NO EXTRA NECK PAIN! A year of EMS training changed everything, leading me to Europe to learn everything there is to know about EMS.

When my sisters started having children 4 years ago, I saw how much their physical and mental health changed, and it ignited my passion for the post-pregnancy stage of female health and fitness. I delved deep into neuromuscular stimulation for post-pregnancy and physio programs in this area.

Witnessing clients overcome postpartum struggles rapidly, transitioning from low to high intensities in short amounts of time, was awe-inspiring. It felt like compressing six months of Pilates into two 20-minute sessions weekly.

So I went on to enhance my experience in this and built what I think is the perfect program combining technology and postnatal strength training tools to make post-pregnancy training more efficient and effective than traditional training methods.

It's my mission with our Re-Core program to help as many women as possible discover the power of Electro Muscle Stimulation and to rebuild their strength, reconnect with their bodies, and re-boost their energy.

If you are feeling ready to get out, get moving, and want to feel strong again, then I would LOVE to help you in this next step post-pregnancy! So book in a consult and let's Get You Strong!

Yours in Health and Fitness,


Who is the Re-Core Program For?

  • Mums who are 6 to 24 weeks post pregnancy (with clearance to exercise)

  • Struggling with strength and/or loss of muscle tone

  • Experiencing core and pelvic floor weakness - including postpartum incontinence

  • Feeling unfit and like daily activities can be a struggle

  • Coping with lingering pain from pregnancy (including lower back/hips etc)

  • Self-conscious about post pregnancy body changes

  • Mums who are struggling with self-care due to lack of time.

  • Struggling with the mental load of motherhood and needing a boost of energy and vitality

What Benefits will I get from the program?

  • Targeted core muscle activation to effectively and efficiently improve core muscle strength

  • Gentle full body workouts to rebuild strength and muscle tone

  • Pelvic floor restrengthening

  • Improved overall fitness

  • The benefits of hours of exercise in short 20-minute workouts, twice a week

  • A supportive environment where you and your bub are always welcome to rush in and out or take your time, whatever your schedule needs.

  • Boost of energy with post-EMS workout feels

  • Increased metabolism

  • Improvements in cellulite

  • A safe, efficient and effective path back to a full workout program

6 Week Re-Core Program

Experience slow and steady progressions over 6 weeks. Moving from simple pelvic tilts with stimulation through to advanced plank series. The Re-Core program utilises safe, effective and low impact exercises combined with electro-muscular stimulation. Reconnect with your muscles then find your strength!

  • 1 x Assessment, Intro Workout & Consult

  • 12 x Small Group EMS Classes (Max 3 per session)

  • 3 x Medical Grade Body Composition Scans

  • 2 x Personal Progress Check in Sessions

  • FREE Undergarment Hire throughout the 6 weeks

PAY WEEKLY: $106 per week

UPFRONT: $573 SAVE 10%

*we offer a flexible cancellation policy. We understand that with a young bub things can change so quickly. We have a 6 hour cancellation notice period and during the 6 weeks we also offer up to 2 'late cancellation' exceptions in the event of last minute unforeseen circumstances

"This is really the most different way to do exercise! 20 minutes of squats and lunges feels like about 2-3 hours of really hard work.Trainers are helpful, friendly and knowledgable. Highly recommend Exolt EMS!." Nicole

"The most amazing experience. Great staff and studio. The trainers are knowledgeable they always push me to do my best. I used to hate exercising and going to the gym but with Sara and Gus I always have fun! The studio is clean and welcoming such a nice place to be...." - Ella

"As someone who has tried various fitness regimes, I’m now hooked on EMS training. Highly recommend Exolt, great personal training and very welcoming 💪" - Michael

"EXOLT is a game changer - it’s really strengthened muscles I couldn’t switch on which has helped with long term injuries & it’s the hardest & most rewarding workout I’ve done in my life. I’ve awoken muscles I didn’t know I had!" - Mikhaele